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AL-No. 120024

Welcome to Quinta Alegre. We present you our internal regulation in the sense that we can serve you in the best way.




1- The characteristics of Quinta Alegre and the respective rooms are those mentioned on our website ( ) and in the reservation.

2- However, the photographs shown on our website are merely illustrative and although every effort is made to ensure that the photographs, graphic representations and text used to illustrate Quinta Alegre are as accurate as possible of the accommodation available, it is variations may occur, mainly as a result of changes in furniture or possible refurbishments., so there may be significant differences between the photograph and the reality on the date of enjoyment contracted by the Client, which do not give the Client the right to any claim, modification or cancellation of the reservation.




1- Check-in takes place between 4 pm and 6 pm.

2- Any change to the check-in time must be justified and previously communicated by telephone to the number +351 914118146.

3- The number of guests specified in the reservation cannot exceed the number of guests present in the accommodation.

4- The check-in must be done by the holder of the reservation, who will be given the keys to the accommodation and the code for opening the entrance gate of Quinta Alegre.

5- At the time of check-in, the customer must make a deposit of €500 (in cash) for damages.

6- Upon check-in, a presentation of Quinta Alegre and the accommodation will be made.

7- Any type of claim will only be accepted within a maximum period of 1 hour after Check-in, and subsequently any type of claim will not be accepted.



1- Check-out will take place between 10:00 and 11:30.

2- The reservation holder must inform the desired CHECK-OUT time, so that a member of Quinta Alegre can be present.

3- At the time of CHECK OUT, the Accommodation must be tidy and free of people and goods.

4- The holder of the reservation must return all the keys given to him at CHECK-IN.

5- If there is no damage or loss of any property belonging to the Accommodation, the deposit will be refunded in full

6- Exceptionally and for justifiable reasons, CHECK-OUT can be done until 13:00, a fact that will be conditioned by availability and eventual reservations.

7- This exceptional CHECK-OUT time change must be requested until the day before departure.

8- If you do not inform, show up or leave the accommodation without CHECK-OUT out in the presence of a member of Quinta Alegre, Quinta Alegre may assume all responsibility for damages that may be detected.




1- If a device does not work, or if guests are not sure how to use any equipment in the accommodation, they should contact the person in charge of Quinta Alegre.

2- Changes to the accommodation or its content are not allowed.

3- All items found in the accommodation belong to the owner and must not be moved or removed from the property during the stay.




1- Cleaning at Quinta Alegre is done weekly and whenever there is a change of guests.

2-Bed linen and bath towels are included in the stay.

3- If the stay is longer than 7 days, guests can request new sheets and towels that will be delivered after collecting the used ones.

4- Stays of less than 7 nights will not be entitled to any change of bed linen or bath towels.

5- The replacement of sheets does not include placing them on the bed, a task that must be carried out by the guest.

6- Guests must keep the accommodation as organized and clean as possible, delivering it, at the time of check-out, in the best cleaning conditions.

7- Guests must not leave rubbish inside the accommodation, next to the door or outside the door, using the bins intended for this purpose and not leaving rubbish on the street as dogs will spread it.

8- When you go shopping at the beach, etc., don't forget to always take your rubbish to the public bins located outside Quinta Alegre.




1- In the case of damage to property, fire, floods or other damage caused in Quinta Alegre, outside or inside the accommodation, however minor, the Client must immediately inform the person responsible and do everything to help resolve the situation in cause.

2- Notification must be preferably by phone (WhatsApp) or E-mail.




1- Any damage done voluntarily to the property or goods of the Accommodation, Quinta Alegre will be entitled to retain the amount of the deposit for payment of damages and losses.

2- If the amount of damages exceeds the value of the deposit, Quinta Alegre may demand the additional payment of the amount.

3- Quinta Alegre, depending on the seriousness of the same, will take the legal measures deemed necessary under penalty of being able to activate the Alternative Consumer Resolution Entities in Portugal, to resolve the dispute and be compensated for the damages. Being able, as a last resort, to trigger the Judicial instances in Portugal.




1- The number of guests specified in the reservation cannot exceed the number of guests present in the accommodation.

2- Temporary visits to our guests are only allowed with the prior consent of the person in charge of Quinta Alegre.

3- If the number of guests exceeds the limit, Quinta Alegre reserves the right to require guests to leave the accommodation without any compensation or reimbursement.

4- Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by adults at all times during their stay.

5- Guests can bring domestic animals, keeping the guard at their sole responsibility.

6- Do not let cats in the house (because they go to the leftover food and then the ants multiply).

7- Forbidden to put the farm dogs inside the houses and the pool area (as they are already educated, just say no to not do it, but if they let them, they are like children☺️) .

8- Close the access gates to the house so the dogs do not enter the backyard.

9- It is advisable to buy repellent and citronella candles.

10- It is not advisable to run both machines (washing machine and dishwasher) at the same time as the light could go out.

11-Do not drink tap water as it is not advisable throughout the Algarve.

12- If eventually the light goes out, just come to the porch at the foot of the gate, lower the circuit breakers and turn them up again.

13- It is forbidden to smoke inside the farm as the ground is very dry and can easily burn.

14- They can bring and use means of entertainment, such as bicycles, electric motorcycles, etc., Quinta Alegre is not responsible for any accident or incident that occurs.




1- You can use the bar and have your parties until the time you want.

2- Quinta Alegre is an isolated property with close neighbors, however guests should always take into account Decree-Law n.º 9/2007.



1- Pursuant to Decree-Law No. 228/2009 of September 14th, Quinta Alegre is not responsible for the possible disappearance of money, jewelry or other valuables, and guests must always take the necessary preventive measures.

2- For this purpose, we advise you to always close the entrance gates to the farm, as well as all the main access doors and windows to the house.



1-     At the time of booking, the Client will be asked for certain data that may identify him (“Personal Data”), which will be collected by Quinta Alegre and processed by Quinta Alegre, in strict compliance with the law and in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy.




1- Any notifications, communications and complaints from the User must be made, preferably, to the email [ ].

2- Complaints may also be made under the terms of the law, in the Online Complaints Book




1- In the event of a dispute, the consumer may resort to an Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution Entity:

Algarve Consumer Conflict Information, Measurement and Arbitration Center Link:




These Terms and Conditions are governed by Portuguese law and the resolution of any dispute arising from the interpretation and execution of these General Conditions will be subject to Portuguese law and courts.



good stay🙏☺️

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